Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the Mailbox

Hello Clarisel,
We are casting a new show for the new Latino Cable Network SiTv called FANdemonium. It's an exciting new show that highlights the people who give celebrities their super-star status - the fans. These are the people who camp out overnight for tickets, catch every episode of their favorite actors' show and memorize every statistic on their favorite athlete.

To give credit to these true devotees, FANdemonium will travel to different cities and venues - from large-scale music festivals and parades, to concerts and comedy shows, to red-carpet premieres and major sporting events to find the biggest fans there and give them a chance to win AMAZING prizes through an exciting series of competition with fellow fans.

We are preparing to hit up Malo and Seguida's tour at their stop at The Blender Theater at Gramercy in New York City on September 27. We're looking for hardcore Latino fans that would like to participate in our new show. We would love to have submissions sent to our e-mail at I'm wondering if you might be able to put this information up on your blog to get the word out there. Feel free to forward the information to anyone you see fit and/or might be interested. Please make sure to include their name, age, location, a way to contact them and their top reasons why they LOVE Malo and/or Seguida and why they would be great for this show.

Thanks so much for your interest and participation.

Casting TeamCity Lights

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