Tuesday, September 2, 2008


If a politician doesn't have time to serve, he or she should not hold an elected position. I am disgusted that a Bronx Latina is topping the list of City Council members who don't show up for meetings.
The Bronx NEEDS representation. We don't need a politician who doesn't show up to work.
We don't need slackers.
How could the leader of the Bronx delegation go from fourth worst to worst? How could this be acceptable?
Our politicians must be accountable.
The Bronx deserves better. -- Clarisel Gonzalez

Here's the story that got me pissed off that ran in the Daily News:
Bronx politician Maria Baez at head of class - for skipping work

Though many City Council members seem open to extending - or scrapping - term limits, some don't even bother to show up for meetings now.

The news report provides these stats: The no-show leader is Maria Baez of the Bronx, who went from a 75.63% attendance in the 2006-07 period to 47.66% this year. She dropped from fourth worst to worst.
Baez, who did not respond to repeated requests for comment from the Daily News, is the leader of the Bronx delegation.

To read the complete Daily News story:

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