Monday, September 29, 2008

Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?
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Today's featured shot from the Bronx Latino photo group is by gesslein daniel.

Dan writes: Is Assemblyman Carl Heastie (Center) the new Bronx Democratic Party Chairman? It's still unclear. After a raucous vote in which both Heastie and current party boss Jose Rivera claimed victory a judge will soon determine which man is the Dem leader. See more @


Anonymous said...

Same caption as the other one:
Thick as Thieves

Clarisel said...

The Daily News reports that a judge has ruled Assemblyman Carl Heastie is the bona fide leader of the borough's Democratic Party - a big win for the so-called Rainbow Rebels who challenged veteran Chairman Jose Rivera's hold on the organization this fall and caused a significant rift that could take some time to mend.

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