Friday, October 17, 2008

'Bike the Bronx'

In advance of the annual Tour de Bronx bicycle ride, that will take place this Sunday, October 19, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion today released the report, “Bike The Bronx: A Report on the Need for Increased On- Street Bike Parking in the Bronx,” in conjunction with his new initiative by the same name. This report documents the necessity for more bicycle racks in the borough as a cost-effective way to make bike riding more convenient for commuters and recreational riders.

Carrion indicates in the report that there is a large population in the Bronx that could ride their bikes to get to work and school, conduct business or for recreation. However, The Bronx has far too few bicycle racks compared to its population. Currently, the Bronx only has enough bicycle racks to serve 2,000 bikes, despite the borough’s nearly 1.4 million residents.

“I am releasing this report and launching this public awareness campaign because I believe that installing more bike racks in The Bronx will significantly increase the number of people who bike to work,” said Carrion. “With this initiative and other efforts, we’ll achieve our goal of making the Bronx the most bike-friendly borough in the city.”

According to the report, thousands of people everyday can be riding their bikes, while also helping to improve their health, save money on gas and improve the environment by not driving a car. As a part of a public awareness campaign tied to the release of this report, Carrion is urging Bronx residents to go to his website,, to submit their requests for a bike rack near where they work, shop or play.

The report also found that 50% of the Bronx work force drives to work. Moreover, 32% of all Bronx commuters travel less than 30 minutes to work. Of the five boroughs, The Bronx has the highest percentage (57%) of auto commuters who drive alone to a job that is less than 30 minutes away from their home. In addition to the thousands of Bronx commuters who drive to work, thousands of more students, deliverers, messengers, recreational riders and regular residents running errands can all benefit from an increased number of bicycle racks.

source: Bronx BP press release

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