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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Featured Bronx film: Kharon's Fare

Kharon's Fare from Reel 13 on Vimeo.

Bronx Latino is offering a new section titled "Featured Bronx Film," which will especially highlight movies by, for and about Latinos and/or the Bronx. Priority will be given to independent film projects by Bronx Latino filmmakers, but we are open.

Our pick today is "Kharon's Fare," a film by David C. Diaz and written by Matt Raimo.

Check out this low budget film shot in the Bronx portraying two hitmen at odds in the tight quarters of a kitchen. The film is now up for a vote now against one other short.
The winning film will be aired this Saturday night on Channel 13.
*If you want to vote, take a few seconds and click on a button underneath "KHARON'S FARE" at the link below.

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Clarisel said...

"Kharon's Fare" won, so it will be aired on Channel Thirteen on Saturday.

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