Monday, April 20, 2009

Special election for our new BP is tomorrow


The special election for the new Bronx Borough President is tomorrow. Veteran Democratic assemblyman, Rubén Díaz Jr., faces only token opposition in the race to succeed Adolfo Carrión Jr. who left his post to work for the Obama administration.
Diaz has no Democratic challenger. His lone opponent is Anthony J. Ribustello, a Republican district leader who is best known as the actor who played Tony Soprano’s beefy driver on “The Sopranos.”
It is pretty clear that Diaz will be our next BP.
I'm disappointed that this is not really an election. There is no real competition. No real discussion of the issues. Lo que sea. Politics as usual in the Bronx.
I don't plan to go vote because I believe there should be competition in elections.
But to find out where to vote, go to the Board of Elections site.

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Clarisel said...

Of course, Diaz won.

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