Sunday, August 9, 2009

Albita brings her tacones to Queens

Last night, I went to see Albita, a Latin music favorite and bold independent artist, performing songs from her new CD "Mis Tacones" in a concert in Queens. "Mis Tacones" is a tribute to the power and beauty of la mujer. Albita explained that she decided to name her new album "Mis Tacones" as a symbol to one of women's most important accessories: high heels. She spoke on how a woman's attitude can change once she puts on her heels. But the heels are not just about making a woman feel sexy. They can help a woman feel tall, powerful, beautiful.
Albita is definitely pro woman.
Another song that grabbed my attention was "Soy una mujer" where she speaks about a woman's worth.
I recommend you buy Albita's latest album because it has lyrics, good rhythm and is a celebration of women.
During her show, Albita also performed some of her older and well-known songs and she paid tribute to the late Latin music diva Celia Cruz, something Albita has made tradition in her performances.
Albita is down to earth. An artista del pueblo.
She's talented and humble. A class act.
She closed the show, getting off the stage and singing to audience members at their seats. You could feel the Latino spirit in the room as she improvised and sang to audience members. She asked different people what country they were from and then came up with a song for them on the spot. Audience members were from all over: Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and even Greece.
Albita performed as part of this year's Chase Latino Cultural Festival. This was actually Albita's third year at the Queens festival. She told audience members she keeps coming back because she likes how this festival brings people of different countries together to celebrate being Latino.
In its thirteenth year, the festival offered a mix of Latin music, film, and performance to the indoor Queens Theatre in the Park, and Albita's show was definitely one of this year's highlights. Organizers plan to celebrate the festival again next year.

Albita's "Mis Tacones" is now available at the Bronx Latino aStore:

(photos courtesy of Queens Theatre)

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