Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Serrano Calls for an Immediate Anti-Hunger Effort in Bronx

Here's a statement from Sen. Serrano that I thought I'd share. It is outrageous that the Bronx is one of the hungriest communities in the nation and something must be done about this for real. This is not acceptable.

Serrano's statement:
January 26, 2010 РWashington, DC РAfter hearing news that the Bronx was one of the communities with the highest hunger rates in the nation, Congressman Jos̩ E. Serrano today called for an immediate effort to increase access to food and food assistance.

“We feared that this recession could have an effect on our hunger rates in the Bronx, which were already too high, and now we have learned that our fears have become reality. We must take immediate steps to combat this problem, in all ways that we can.

“This morning I wrote to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, whose department oversees food assistance programs, to ask him for his immediate assistance in expanding access to food programs in the Bronx—as well as inviting him to come see successful yet struggling Bronx food assistance non-profits.

“I also wrote to Mayor Bloomberg today to seek his partnership in a new effort to end hunger in the Bronx. I believe that working with these two leaders and those already working diligently on this issue in the Bronx, we can put an end to these unacceptably high hunger rates.

“We know that many people are unable to access the benefits for which they are eligible, and we must do more to connect people to the available resources. And where the resources are lacking, we must urgently bridge the gap. This is a problem we must attack with great urgency. People without proper access to food cannot wait.

“In the richest city in the richest nation on Earth, food insecurity is simply unacceptable and immediate action must be taken to help those in need.”

The full results of the food security survey are available here:

Serrano’s letter to Secretary Vilsack is available here:

Serrano’s letter to Mayor Bloomberg is available here:



Dapper_Don said...

I interned for Serrano in DC back in 2006. He is a great guy.

Mack said...

Thanks for your informative news.

I hope the action has been already taken on that issue.


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